To enter unknown territory is a unique challenge. Uncertainty creeps into our heads and of course we’re looking towards people, who have gone before us on the path we want to take to avoid their mistakes. That’s absolutely normal and useful. But after a while we need to find our own way to get to our destination or we end up as imitators of our idols. Because we learn mainly by copying.

Learning by copying

Learning by copying is most obvious when you look at small children. They imitate the behaviour of their parents and other adults while growing up, no matter if it’s words or gestures. I could observe this with my nephew on a recent family trip. You really have to be careful what to say because he repeats everything and even imitates the pitch of the voice.

As adults we learn new things by imitating our teachers and idols to see how something works. When we got the basics covered, it’s time to make our own way to get to the desired results.

Finding your own way

Well, that’s not always easy. Sometimes we run into the wrong direction and end up at a dead end. Then we have to start all over again. But after a while a path becomes clearer that we can walk on with more and more confidence without getting too far off course. It might take us months, maybe years to get there though. Beginnings are always the hardest, but in the end there’s only one way, your own way.