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If you’re an avid comic reader, a comic creator or both, you have probably wondered at some point how comics work and why they appeal to you so much. For all those of you curious to find out more about the wonderful world of comics and how they actually work, you should start your journey by reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. And the best thing about this book: it’s a comic!

Understanding Comics – a well-rounded guide to how comics work

This book, or rather comic, starts by developing a definition of what comics are before giving a brief history of comics, starting in old Egypt. It then moves on to take comics apart and explains what visual language comics use to engage all the senses of their readers. It shows how the passing of time is perceived in comics, the use of words and images combined and the careful balance of both to make it work and what is required by the reader to fill in the blanks between the single images.


This is a wonderful book to get more familiar with the narrative art form called comic. And probably the most fun non-fiction book I’ve ever read, simply because it’s a comic. The language is easy to understand for a non-native speaker like myself. So I can definitely recommend it if you want to know more about comics. There’s also a German version available.

Further info

English edition: Understanding Comics, ISBN: 978-0060976255 , available at Amazon* and other bookstores

German edition: Comics richtig lesen, ISBN: 978-3551748171 , available at Amazon* and other bookstores