The city is dark and quiet. Not many cars drive on the empty streets. The moon and a few tiny stars are visible in the sky. Only the first birds are already singing in the trees. And in the distance a window is illuminated. Someone’s already awake this early in the day. Probably involuntarily to get to work. But there are also people, who start the day, when most people hit the snooze button of their alarm thrice and turn around in bed.

Chronobiology, the science that researches the circadian rhythms of humans, differentiates between larks and owls. Larks are people, who get up very early and are most active in the mornings. Owl like to sleep in, but can work until late at night. What kind of type you are is genetic. I’m a lark and even in this group I’m a bit extreme. In the beginning it was due to the long commute to work, but now I like being up before everyone else. Because being up early has its upside.

3 good reasons to start the day early

1. You’ve got enough time for breakfast and a shower. You can even exercise if you make time for it. This way you start the day relaxed.
2. You can work without distractions in the early mornings. The phone, emails, the postman at the door or other things cannot distract you.
3. When everyone else is getting to work at 8 am, you will have accomplished a lot of tasks already. That’s a positive boost for the rest of the day.

If you are employed, you can use the time in the morning for your hobby or work on your own project, which brings you joy. Whatever you do, use the early hours and own them.