inktober review

October has come and gone in a blur. And with it the Inktober challenge. For the third time I’ve participated and it was once again fun to dive into the world on inks.

Inktober – 31 ink drawings in 31 days

Days 04 – Queen of Sorrow

For this year’s challenge, I settled my mind on a Halloween/horror theme as a baseline for my illustrations. And in hindsight, I mostly managed to come up with a spooky thing to draw, except for one or two days. To my own surprise, I really liked drawing creepy, spooky and mysterious things, especially skulls and bones. Another surprise was the dominance of females in my Inktober drawings. I’m leaning more towards men when drawing or sketching. But it was great to draw more female portraits.

But to produce one drawing a day also put a strain on me, despite all the fun I had. And near the end, I struggled to come up with interesting ideas. It was difficult to think about new things without sticking too much to clichés. And since I didn’t plan ahead that much, a few drawings are rushed and could have been better if time wouldn’t have been an issue. I also did my very first Livestreams on Instagram during Inktober, which was quite a lot of fun. That’s something I’d like to do more often.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied that I’ve managed to finish Inktober successfully and in time. Afterwards, I fell into a little art slump due to exhaustion though.

Goals and plans for Inktober 2018

vampires party harder

Day 14 – Vampires party harder

Since I liked drawing spooky stuff so much, especially vampires, I decided already to dedicate Inktober 2018 entirely to vampires. So, look forward to Fangs on Flesh in 2018.

Another thing I want to incorporate in Inktober 2018 is ink washes. I avoided them this year and used markers and ink pens for greys. But next year I want to use ink for grey areas as well. I also plan to do more couple and group drawings next year, which will take me out of my comfort zone. Portraits are more my thing, but I love a challenge. The color range of black, white, red and grey will probably continue next year since it fits vampires so perfectly.

My original drawings of this year’s Inktober are available for purchase on Etsy. I’ve also compiled all the drawings and some preliminary sketches into a zine, which will be going into print soon. If you like to see all my Inktober drawings, check out my Instagram account.

I hope you enjoyed my little recap of Inktober.

Have a lovely Sunday and keep creating,