drawing habit

Drawing on a regular basis is important for artists in order to develop their skills. But like all habits, it’s not easy to keep it up. More often than not you’re staring at the blank page not knowing what to draw. Or you’re having difficulties fitting daily drawing into your schedule, which is already full of responsibilities. Maybe it’s both.

I’d like to give you a few tips that have helped me to develop a solid drawing routine. Not all of it may be the right thing for you, but give it a try to see if you can adapt it to your way of life and daily routine.

Starting something new and developing a habit of it isn’t as easy as some people might want to make you believe. It takes a little bit of willpower and dedication to succeed. If you’d like to start drawing on a regular basis, these three tips might help you to get started.

1. Start small

Our daily routine is stuffed with various responsibilities from job, family and friends and carving out time for art can be difficult. That’s why you should start small. Very small. Just take five minutes out of your day for drawing. Still too much? How about one minute? Or make it your goal to just draw one single line. The smaller you make your daily goal for drawing, the easier it will be to accomplish it. Just draw one line a day and you’ve succeeded.

2. Make your tools accessible

Drawing requires tools. At least a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Make sure you’ve got them within reach throughout the day. Are you commuting to work every day? Carry a small sketchbook with you and use the time for a quick doodle. I have an open sketchbook lying around on my desk with a pencil beside it to remind me to draw.

3. Hold yourself accountable

Like I said before, developing a routine requires a certain level of dedication. Set up a reminder for yourself for drawing. There are apps that can help you with that. Or maybe ask a friend to remind you to draw. You can also hold yourself accountable by joining one the drawing challenges that are happening almost every month on various social media channels, like Inktober or MerMay. Those challenges are great for getting into a consistent drawing habit.

But first and foremost it’s about having fun and being creative. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s not a competition. And don’t get discouraged if you miss one or more days of drawing. It’s okay and happens to all of us. There are days I can’t draw as well or don’t feel like it. Do something else instead and come back to your sketchbook the next day. And slowly but surely drawing will become a habit for you.

Stay creative and happy drawing,