5 slots for headshots are available for now.

  • Sketch: 25€
  • Ink: 35€
  • Watercolor: 55€

Here are examples of each variation:












♥ I will draw: OCs (yours or mine), general portraits, yourself as a manga character
♥ I will not draw: anthro, mecha, fan art, gory stuff (skulls are fine though)

  • Worldwide shipping is included in the prize
  • A high-resolution scan of the finished commission will be mailed to you as well.
  • 1 character per commission
  • Payment: Paypal or wire transfer (for citizens in the EU), upfront

Please include a description and reference images in your email. If you’re interested in a commission, send a mail at

These commissions are for personal use only. For commercial work, please use the inquiry form provided on the contact page.

Available slots:

  1. taken
  2. free
  3. free
  4. free
  5. free