drawing habit

3 tips for creating a drawing habit

By | Creativity

Drawing on a regular basis is important for artists in order to develop their skills. But like all habits, it’s not easy to keep it up. More often than not you’re staring at the blank page not knowing what to draw. Or you’re having difficulties fitting daily drawing into your schedule, which is already full of responsibilities. Maybe it’s both.

I’d like to give you a few tips that have helped me to develop a solid drawing routine. Not all of it may be the right thing for you, but give it a try to see if you can adapt it to your way of life and daily routine.

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new year

New year, new challenges

By | Creativity

The new year is just a few hours old. Traditionally it’s the time for making plans and resolutions for the upcoming year. I am not prone to make resolutions at the beginning of the year because I know that it’s very likely I won’t keep them. However, I did write down some goals I want to achieve this year. Amongst them is also a little drawing challenge I’ve created for myself: 365 days of drawing.

Every day I will post a drawing or sketch on my Instagram account with the hashtag #365drawzw. You can follow my daily explorations in my sketchbook easily this way. I might do roundup posts on my other social media accounts on a weekly or monthly basis. There won’t be a prompt list though. Maybe I’ll pick up on some other drawing challenges that come around like MerMay or Junicorn.

I wish you all the best for 2018. May all your plans and endeavours be successful 🙂

Stay creative,


52 WoL – Week 31: Everything you can imagine is real

By | 52 Weeks of Lettering, Creativity

„Everything you can imagine is real.“ one of the most famous modern painters, Pablo Picasso, said once. And he was right. That also doesn’t just apply to the “creative professionals” among us. Every one can use their power of imagination, because everyone is creative in his or her own way.

In this article I’ll show you a way to use the power of imagination to reach your goals.

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Create more, consume less

52 WoL – Week 13: Create more, consume less

By | 52 Weeks of Lettering, Creativity, Routine

It’s been later than you thought. After a hard day of work you passed out on the couch watching your favourite tv show. While the show still continues you start imagining making your own tv show, that will be way better than your current favourite. Or writing that book, you’ve been thinking about whenever you had a moment to think. Someday, you think enthusiastically, I’ll do it. And you switch to the next episode of your favourite show.

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