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Book Love: Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud

By | Book Love

If you’re an avid comic reader, a comic creator or both, you have probably wondered at some point how comics work and why they appeal to you so much. For all those of you curious to find out more about the wonderful world of comics and how they actually work, you should start your journey by reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. And the best thing about this book: it’s a comic!

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Upcoming project: a new comic

By | News

Hello, my lovelies,

today I’d like to share with you some details about my next longterm project.

I’ve been hesitant about it, to be honest. Mainly because it’s still in its very first stages and I really don’t have anything to show you yet. But then I thought „Why not share it already?“. It’s also a way for me to get my ass in gear and work slowly but surely on this project.

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Behind the scenes: Last thoughts of a dead man

By | Behind the scenes

In January, the last page of my first original short comic Last thoughts of a dead man was released. It has taken me several years from writing the script to the actual completion of this comic. Why such a long time? Because of other responsibilities like finishing my BA, working full time, moving to different cities twice and just being afraid to actually commit to such a big project. I think the last one was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome.

Today I’d like to take you behind the scenes of making this 21-page comic. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable and enjoy the read. It’s quite a long one.

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Patreon announcement

Zeichenwut goes Patreon

By | News

Hello lovelies,

I’m very happy and excited to announce that my Patreon page is live! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to my artwork every month. And you’ll get awesome exclusive rewards in return!

Here’s what you’ll get when you decide to become my Patron:

for 1$+: 

  • access to my Patron Only – feed
  • behind the scenes photos and sneak peaks
  • access to polls for future art
  • first dips on buying the original artwork

for 5$+:

  • a monthly sketchbook PDF with sketches and preliminary drawings including works that I haven’t shared anywhere else
  • all previous rewards

for 8$+:

  • lineart for coloring of exclusive artwork
  • digital high-resolution download of exclusive artwork
  • time-lapse video of the progress with commentary
  • 10 % off in my Etsy shop
  • all previous rewards

for 20$+:

  • a small print (14,8 x 21 cm) of the exclusive art I create for Patrons delivered to your door every month
  • all previous rewards

for 45$+:

  • a small drawing (10,5 x 14,8 cm) of your choice in pencil, delivered to your door every month
  • 20 % off in my Etsy shop
  • all previous rewards

To start off I’ll create one exclusive artwork for Patrons each month. But I hope to be able to create more of it with your support. In any case, you’ll be the first to see what I’ll be working on and get the latest news of new projects and their development before anyone else.

I would be delighted to welcome you to my Patreon community. Let’s make the world a little bit more colorful together.

Until then, stay creative

P.S.: I also made a little video for the announcement of my Patreon page ;). Check it out!

drawing habit

3 tips for creating a drawing habit

By | Creativity

Drawing on a regular basis is important for artists in order to develop their skills. But like all habits, it’s not easy to keep it up. More often than not you’re staring at the blank page not knowing what to draw. Or you’re having difficulties fitting daily drawing into your schedule, which is already full of responsibilities. Maybe it’s both.

I’d like to give you a few tips that have helped me to develop a solid drawing routine. Not all of it may be the right thing for you, but give it a try to see if you can adapt it to your way of life and daily routine.

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new year

New year, new challenges

By | Creativity

The new year is just a few hours old. Traditionally it’s the time for making plans and resolutions for the upcoming year. I am not prone to make resolutions at the beginning of the year because I know that it’s very likely I won’t keep them. However, I did write down some goals I want to achieve this year. Amongst them is also a little drawing challenge I’ve created for myself: 365 days of drawing.

Every day I will post a drawing or sketch on my Instagram account with the hashtag #365drawzw. You can follow my daily explorations in my sketchbook easily this way. I might do roundup posts on my other social media accounts on a weekly or monthly basis. There won’t be a prompt list though. Maybe I’ll pick up on some other drawing challenges that come around like MerMay or Junicorn.

I wish you all the best for 2018. May all your plans and endeavours be successful 🙂

Stay creative,


My Inktober zines have arrived!

By | Inktober, News

It took quite a while, but now my Inktober zines have finally arrived from the printer and are looking for a new home. Get your copy right away and it might arrive in time for Christmas (though I can’t guarantee it ;)). More info on how to order under the cut.

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behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: Tanz der Vampire 20th anniversary fanart

By | Behind the scenes

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the musical Tanz der Vampire, created by Jim Steinman and Michael Kunze and based on the cult movie The fearless vampire killers or Pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck by Roman Polanski.

As a huge fan of the musical, I couldn’t let the opportunity go by and decided to pay tribute to this wonderful show the only way I know how: with a piece of art featuring my favourite character Graf von Krolock. I posted it online in time for the premiere in Vienna on September 30th, where the musical had its world premiere 20 years ago on October 4th. The first time I saw the show was in Stuttgart back in 2001 and I fell in love with it instantly. After that, I saw the show 5 more times in Germany, before losing interest in musicals altogether due to my studies and personal issues. But right in time for the anniversary, my love for this show got rekindled with a vengeance :D. I’ve fallen in love with the Viennese Revival production in particular. Especially the set and costume designs by Kentaur are simply stunning with their richness in detail. Watch the trailer for the Vienna Revival production of Tanz der Vampire to see what the show is all about.

Since this piece was too huge for me to film a proper time-lapse video, I’ve decided to write up the steps of painting this piece. Enjoy the read 🙂

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My tools for Inktober

By | Art Tools, Inktober

Only a few more days and Inktober starts once again. Today I’m going to share the tools and materials I’ll be using for this year’s Inktober with you. You’ve never heard of Inktober before? No worries.

What is Inktober all about and where did it come from?

Inktober was started by artist Jake Parker back in 2009 as a way to improve his inking skills. By now it has become a global phenomenon and lots of artists join in every year to create an ink drawing a day throughout October. There’s an official prompt list every year, in case you don’t know what to draw for each day. Other artists are making up their own lists or combine Inktober with other drawing challenges like Drawlloween or Drawtober.

Choosing you pens, ink and paper for Inktober can be daunting because there are just so many different choices you can make. Here’s what I’m going to use for this year’s challenge. It’s mostly materials I’ve already got available anyway. I just bought one additional bottle of ink. The list is far from complete, but I hope it’ll help you narrow down your choices a bit.

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