In the course of this lettering challenge I’ve written more than once about how hard starting something new is. With every new project, no matter if it’s personal or work related, sooner or later doubts and fears will pop into our heads. Sometimes it’s easier to silence these negative voices, but at other times it isn’t. But more often than we’d like to admit, we’ll get cozy in our comfort zones instead of heading into unknown territory.

Challenges can be a great way to expand your comfort zone and try out something new. This year’s Inktober challenge by Jake Parker helped me to get out of my comfort zone.

From idea to visible result

Since my studies in Berlin I had an idea for a comic in my head. The story was based on my experiences of delivering newspapers in the early mornings. I had even written down some notes and titles for individual strips. Well, life got in the way with exam papers, my first job, moving towns and the idea got buried. This year I finally dug it out again.

Inktober offered me a perfect general framework to get this story on paper for two reasons. First, I had to draw a panel every day for the challenge. And second, by posting on social media I was forced to deliver a new panel for my audience to read. It was this positive pressure situation that helped be to bring this project on its way. Inktober is already over but I still have a few comic strip ideas left. Everything will be collected in a little book. It’s far from perfect and with a bit more time I could make improvements on the comic, but it’s seen the light of day. That’s more than enough to make it a success in my eyes.

I hope this little story inspired you to take part in a challenge yourself to get out of a creative slump. On the internet, especially on Instagram, you can find a lot of drawing challenges, for example Mermay, Drawloween, Letterattack or if you’re more into writing Nanowrimo.