Wandbilder von Saal-Digital

As a designer and illustrator we’re always looking for great ways to show our work, online as well as in the real world. A wonderful way to do it offline are the wall art offers by Saal-Digital. I’ve tested two different options for you to present your work, rigid foam board and acrylic glass.

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Two materials for two projects

To test the wall art by Saal-Digital I’ve decided to use two different projects, a digital illustration and a photo. I’ve used rigid foam board for the illustration because it’s their cheapest offer to get art printed, which is quite useful for exhibitions or design fairs. For the photo I selected acrylic glass for the promise of depth effect as stated on their website.

Rigid foam board – light-weight, robust and brilliant colors

The artwork I’ve chosen for this print is very light, but the colors are reproduced brilliantly. All lines are visible and don’t vanish in printing because they’re not dark enough. The texture of the rigid foam board looks and feels quite nice. Great side-effect: You can feel the lineart of the illustration.

The rigid foam board I’ve chosen is 5 mm thick and quite robust. The low weight is great if you have to move your work to exhibitions.

Acrylic glass – classy appearance with high gloss finish

Contrary to the illustration the image for the acrylic glass print is quite dark with just a few highlights. The print is very clear with deep colors. Due to its glossy surface the result looks high class. Definitely an eyecatcher. In direct light you can’t see the image clearly because of the glossy surface though. This material is better suited for rooms with indirect lighting. Nevertheless acrylic glass is a good way to show your work with style.

The acrylic glass board is 5 mm thick, sturdy and light-weight. An opaque foil at the back of the print protects the print from fading due to light exposure.

Everything else – Print quality, shipping and service

Not only quality is important for every print job, but also service of the printer. The quality of both prints and the materials, I’ve chosen for this test, are satisfying. The colors are brilliant and don’t vary from the colors shown on screen, as far as I can observe. Both materials are robust and of high quality.

Shipping was done with DHL and faster than I’d expected. Two days after my order I could hang the prints on my wall. The ordering process was easy to understand and the order confirmation came promptly via email.

My conclusion

I’m quite pleased with the results and the service of Saal-Digital. For upcoming exhibitions or gifts for friends and family, I’ll be using wall art by Saal-Digital again. Cost, value and service are just right.

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