October among artists is the time of the Inktober challenge. Artists all over the world participate and share their daily work on social media. It has been my second year participating in the Inktober challenge and it has been so much fun to connect with other artists and see all those beautiful works of art.

Where did Inktober come from and how does it work?

Inktober was initiated by artist Jake Parker in 2009 to practice his inking skills and develop a drawing habit. By now it has grown into a worldwide phenomena.

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Create an ink drawing every day.
  2. Post it on your blog or on social media sites.
  3. Add the hashtag #inktober in the description.
  4. Repeat all of the above.

After 31 days you’ll have created 31 pieces of art and will have gotten into the habit of drawing every day. My favourite tool is the pencil, so Inktober is a way for me to try out a new medium and get out of my comfort zone.

Favourite drawings from 2015

Here are my favourite drawing from this year’s Inktober challenge. I enjoyed working with brush pens and fineliners and dust of my bottle of chinese ink.



You can find the rest of my Inktober drawings at my Instagram account.

Have you been participating at the Inktober challenge before? Share your experiences in the comments.

Now back to the drawing board. Have a great time,


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