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Jessica Hische - In ProgressIf you’re interested in lettering and typography, you’ve probably come across the beautiful works of Jessica Hische. In 2015 she published a book showing her beautiful lettering works and insights into how she creates them.

This book is a great addition to every lettering artist’s and designer’s bookshelf.


Lettering for application

Jessica Hische - In ProgressThe first part of the book covers the process of a lettering piece from start to finish. The book starts with an introduction of the basic typographic arts and continues with analog and digital tools used for creating lettering art. Different softwares and digital services, that might be helpful, are also covered. Next comes a detailed breakdown of her working process, from research to the final vector art. The book goes very in depth on the topic of sketching and vector drawing. Lots of images visually aid understanding the different steps used to create the final image. Hische also gives practical tips to avoid common pitfalls.


Jessica Hische - In ProgressThe second part of the book is dedicated to her work on various projects from editorial to books, logos and advertising. Every project presented not only shows the final image but also the sketches made in the development of the artwork. The text gives background informations on the project itself and the requirements for the artwork. It’s really great to see the different sketch variations on the topic, that were developed in order to find the final image.



On almost 200 pages you’ll not only get tons of visual inspiration, but also a step-by-step breakdown of Jessica Hische’s working process. The explanations of how to use different tools and what pitfalls to avoid are easy to understand and follow. This book should be in every lettering artist’s book shelf. If you need just a bit of inspiration or solid design advice for a lettering piece, this is where you’ll find it.

Available only in English in the book store of your choice or online at Amazon* for 24 €. The Kindle version is currently available for 3,50 € (as I’m writing this article). I do recommend the hardcover version though, because the printed version is high quality and just a beauty to have in your hands.

Jessica Hische
In Progress
Chronicle Books
ISBN: 978-1452136226

Titelbild: © Breather on, Lizenz: CC0, Public Domain

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