52 WoL – Week 31: Everything you can imagine is real

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„Everything you can imagine is real.“ one of the most famous modern painters, Pablo Picasso, said once. And he was right. That also doesn’t just apply to the “creative professionals” among us. Every one can use their power of imagination, because everyone is creative in his or her own way.

In this article I’ll show you a way to use the power of imagination to reach your goals.

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Create more, consume less

52 WoL – Week 13: Create more, consume less

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It’s been later than you thought. After a hard day of work you passed out on the couch watching your favourite tv show. While the show still continues you start imagining making your own tv show, that will be way better than your current favourite. Or writing that book, you’ve been thinking about whenever you had a moment to think. Someday, you think enthusiastically, I’ll do it. And you switch to the next episode of your favourite show.

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