52 WoL – Week 21: Take a break

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On some days it seems preposterous to even think about taking a break. Work is piled up as high as the ceiling. Projects are behind the deadline. Taking a break? No can do or I won’t ever finish it all.

But especially in these hectic days, you have to take regular breaks. Not just to keep your sanity, but to stay healthy.

Therefore I’d like to tell you my painful experience of sitting at the desk for too long.

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Achtung, Informationsflut!

52 WoL – Week 15: Warning: Information Overload

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It’s the end of a long day. You zombiewalk home, head empty, physically totally drained like after running a marathon, although you’ve been sitting on a chair all day long and you’re asking yourself, what you’ve done all day. You seem to have been answering hundreds of emails and dozen of phone calls, but in the end you don’t have anything concrete to show for.

Two things are probably to blame for it: information overload and decision fatigue.

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Mehr Fokus durch Verringerung von Unterbrechungen

52 WoL – Week 8: Focus

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On some days you don’t get anything done. Everyone’s demanding your attention and time. Your colleague has a little questions, that turns out to be a much bigger problem. Or you’re in the middle of a huge project, when you get a note, that this one thing has to be done right away, which should have been finished till yesterday. By the time you’re free to work on your project again, you’ve lost your focus or don’t have any energy left. Probably both.

In a hectic (work)environment only one thing really helps: focus. And that also means saying “no” to things demanding too much attention from us.

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52 WoL – Week 2 – Rise & Shine

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The city is dark and quiet. Not many cars drive on the empty streets. The moon and a few tiny stars are visible in the sky. Only the first birds are already singing in the trees. And in the distance a window is illuminated. Someone’s already awake this early in the day. Probably involuntarily to get to work. But there are also people, who start the day, when most people hit the snooze button of their alarm thrice and turn around in bed.

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Getting things done and be more focused with the Pomodoro Technique

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Do you sometimes feel that you haven’t done anything the whole day? You wanted to finish a part of a project but there was always something distracting you? I’m right there with you. At time I had a hard time remembering that I’ve been doing all day at work and felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything. Something had to change, so I did a little research on productivity techniques and discovered the Pomodoro Technique. It completely changed the way I structure my work day and helped me focus on the tasks before me and get more things done.

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