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Behind the scenes: Tanz der Vampire 20th anniversary fanart

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2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the musical Tanz der Vampire, created by Jim Steinman and Michael Kunze and based on the cult movie The fearless vampire killers or Pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck by Roman Polanski.

As a huge fan of the musical, I couldn’t let the opportunity go by and decided to pay tribute to this wonderful show the only way I know how: with a piece of art featuring my favourite character Graf von Krolock. I posted it online in time for the premiere in Vienna on September 30th, where the musical had its world premiere 20 years ago on October 4th. The first time I saw the show was in Stuttgart back in 2001 and I fell in love with it instantly. After that, I saw the show 5 more times in Germany, before losing interest in musicals altogether due to my studies and personal issues. But right in time for the anniversary, my love for this show got rekindled with a vengeance :D. I’ve fallen in love with the Viennese Revival production in particular. Especially the set and costume designs by Kentaur are simply stunning with their richness in detail. Watch the trailer for the Vienna Revival production of Tanz der Vampire to see what the show is all about.

Since this piece was too huge for me to film a proper time-lapse video, I’ve decided to write up the steps of painting this piece. Enjoy the read 🙂

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My tools for Inktober

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Only a few more days and Inktober starts once again. Today I’m going to share the tools and materials I’ll be using for this year’s Inktober with you. You’ve never heard of Inktober before? No worries.

What is Inktober all about and where did it come from?

Inktober was started by artist Jake Parker back in 2009 as a way to improve his inking skills. By now it has become a global phenomenon and lots of artists join in every year to create an ink drawing a day throughout October. There’s an official prompt list every year, in case you don’t know what to draw for each day. Other artists are making up their own lists or combine Inktober with other drawing challenges like Drawlloween or Drawtober.

Choosing you pens, ink and paper for Inktober can be daunting because there are just so many different choices you can make. Here’s what I’m going to use for this year’s challenge. It’s mostly materials I’ve already got available anyway. I just bought one additional bottle of ink. The list is far from complete, but I hope it’ll help you narrow down your choices a bit.

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Webcomic banner

My webcomic is online

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And we are live! I’m so happy to present you with the first pages of my webcomic Last thoughts of a dead man, a project that has accompanied for quite a few years and has finally come to life.

Read the first two pages on Tapas. A new page will be released every Wednesday from now on. Never miss an update by subscribing on Tapas or checking my social media channels.

If you enjoy the comic, support me with a coffee. That would help me make more art and comics. Thanks a lot for your support ♥

Once the story is completed, I’ll write up an extensive Making of to show you the process of making the comic and what I’ve learned by committing to such a long term project.


Commissions are open

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5 slots for headshots are available for now.

  • Sketch: 25€
  • Ink: 35€
  • Watercolor: 55€

Here are examples of each variation:












♥ I will draw: OCs (yours or mine), general portraits, yourself as a manga character
♥ I will not draw: anthro, mecha, fan art, gory stuff (skulls are fine though)

  • Worldwide shipping is included in the prize
  • A high-resolution scan of the finished commission will be mailed to you as well.
  • 1 character per commission
  • Payment: Paypal or wire transfer (for citizens in the EU), upfront

Please include a description and reference images in your email. If you’re interested in a commission, send a mail at

These commissions are for personal use only. For commercial work, please use the inquiry form provided on the contact page.

Available slots:

  1. taken
  2. free
  3. free
  4. free
  5. free
workshop drawing plants hamburg

Workshop: Drawing plants with coloured pencils, Hamburg

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Last Saturday I attended the workshop „Drawing plants with coloured pencils“ held by Elke Hanisch. The workshop took place in a very cozy location in Hamburg St.Pauli, which I already knew from Chris Campe’s Lettering workshop last year. She was also the one who invited Elke to give this workshop. I’ve found Elke’s wonderful botanical drawings through Chris Campe’s Instagram account and was enchanted right away. So it was a no-brainer that I booked a spot when a workshop in Hamburg was announced. It has been a while since I’ve done studies of plants and flowers and I was eager to learn more about coloured pencils as a drawing medium.

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Du hast nur ein wildes, kostbares Leben

52 WoL – Week 52: Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life

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Tomorrow the year will end already. And like every year it passed way too quickly. A lot has happened the last 12 months. The move to a new city and starting my freelance career have been the most exciting events this year. I have learned a lot and met interesting new people. 2016 hasn’t been boring at all.

With a new year coming up shortly it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions and plans for the upcoming year.

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