Just show up everyday

There’s this idea inside of you. It glows and excites you. Yes, this is THE big idea. The project, that will catapult you into higher spheres. Your big opportunity to develop yourself. And you’re doing … nothing.

Beginning is the hardest part

If you’ve ever wanted to turn an idea into reality, you’re probably familiar with the inner resistance to get started. In your head you’re already done and see the fruits of your labour, but in reality you cannot overcome your inhibitions to finally get started. Because in the back of your mind is this little nagging voice trying to tell you, that you’ll fail anyway and you’re wasting your time. Not only as creatives we know this voice all too well. I’m sure you do, too. You’re afraid to fail/to make a fool of yourself/to waste precious time, that will be forever lost.

Small steps towards your goal

The only way to get away from the influence of your inner critic is just starting. Sure, easier said than done. But one small step is sometimes all it takes to get the ball rolling. Spend 10 minutes a day with your passion project. That’s even too much? Make it five minutes. Or just a little note on a Postit. That’s a success. You decided today to put your mind to your project. You don’t have to do anything else. Just spend a short time with it every day. And step by step your project will grow and all of a sudden you’re done.

With every new project you’re tackling the boundaries of your comfort zone, which is uncomfortable and sometimes even scary. But every new beginning is a chance to learn, to grow and to discover new capabilities inside of you . This positive view of starting a project softens the voice of the inner critic. And once you’ve started, you soon won’t hear it any more.

On this note, see the start of every new project positively. Because you’re about to embark on a journey full of undreamed-of possibilities to discover your full potential.

P.S.: The quote of the week is by Woody Allen.

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