Meike Werner – illustrator, hand-lettering artist and coffee nerd

Meike’s love for drawing began when her parents bought her a little whiteboard and a set of wax crayons at the age of two. After that she drew on every scrap of paper she could find, even into her mother’s cook books. As soon as she could read, she immersed herself in comics from Donald Duck to The Peanuts and Garfield. Throw in Disney movies and the occasional cartoons and she’d be happily sitting at her desk drawing her favourite characters. And she hasn’t stopped since. Meike is still drawing fan art of her favourite movie and tv characters. But she is also drawing her own characters and is currently working on her first short comic titled „Last thoughts of a dead man“.

The interest for typography and hand-lettering got rekindled recently by the works by Sean McCabe, which Meike discovered on the internet in 2015. But she has been fascinated by calligraphy and lettering since she has learned to write. Especially the illuminated pages of medieval bibles and other texts like the Book of Kells take her breath away every time she sees them.

In her works Meike always tries to tell a story. Whether it’s through an illustration, a custom designed logo or a hand-lettered quote. Her goal is it to make you smile, provoke you to think or make you take a step back from the buzzing of everyday life. That’s what she is striving for every day.

When Meike doesn’t draw, she relaxes with a good book, bakes or drinks good coffee. She writes about her favourite recipes and coffee places on her blog „koffiekeks“ (in german only).


Favourite tools

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