Everyone’s got a story worth telling

Stories are a part of your daily life. They surround you from the logo of your favourite coffee shop to the billboard on the subway train. Some of those stories are quiet and unobstrusive, others are loud and direct. They make you laugh, are thought provoking and inflence your decisions. Everything you see and hear tells a story.

What is your story?

Illustration and custom lettering give your story a special touch and help you to communicate your message more clearly. As a designer and illustrator I want to help you to tell your story in a unique way.

Do you need a custom lettered logo design that will set you apart? Are you looking for an illustration for an article in your magazine? Contact me and together we will develop the best visual approach for your project.

Not yet sure what you can expect from my work? Feel free to take a look at my portfolio um.

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3 tips for creating a drawing habit

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